Acting together for Social Europe

Today we participated with more than 50.000 people in the Euro-demonstration of ETUC against austerity policies, against social dumping and in favor of Social Europe. EU leaders should thank the trade union movement leaders for continuing to mobilise workers for Europe. However with the strong demand for another, more Social Europe.

This demand of today’s demonstration means more than just a little bit of higher social doses, called the social dimension of EMU. This is why trade union leaders show really a responsible attitude while demanding to preserve our vision of Europe as a common good, against a return to nationalism or xenophobia. As the last local elections in France and the polls for the European elections show, when facing the risks as result of the crisis, protest tend to lead to voting for populist and extremist parties. We know that this is not an alternative. And we will continuously mobilise against and show that a policy change is necessary and possible.

All through this week SOLIDAR, together with our members, partners and allies, have tireless invested in all opportunities to raise the voice for a policy change, for active social inclusion. Our members and partners have reported on the latest social developments in EU member states and Enlargement countries. In the European Parliament, they drew the attention of decision makers to the current social imbalances and their risks. Together with them we have submitted policy proposals in the different areas, putting the social impact first.

It is high time to change and invest in education, training, social protection schemes, in our social model, in our Social Europe!