After the attacks that have struck Sri Lanka and threaten civil peace, Solidarité Laïque is appealing for donations to support the victims and contribute to peace.

320 dead including 45 children and adolescents, at least 500 injured . After 26 years of inter-community war, as the country was preparing to celebrate the 10 years of civil peace, the record of the terrible attacks of Sunday, April 21 in churches and luxury hotels reminds how fragile this balance is.

Secular Solidarity is one of the few French NGOs still present on the island since the tsunami. Together with Sri Lankan partners, she supports preschooling in public schools and works to reconcile communities through education. It intervenes in the areas affected by the attacks, in the western provinces (Colombo and Negombo) and in the east (Batticaloa).

A call for donations to support the victims

Solicited by its partners on the spot, Solidarité Laïque therefore launches a call for emergency donations which will serve to:

  • offer support to children, teachers and parents who are violently traumatized
  • encourage meetings to defuse inter-community tensions

"After these attacks in churches, the risk is that the country falls back into the spiral of religious violence. To fight against this, we must rely on education which is the long-term lever to build the spirit of peace, respect for others and the desire to do together, explains Alain Canonne, general delegate of Secular Solidarity. In connection with our partners, and thanks to the donations that we will collect, we will support the victims, children, teachers or parents in the regions where we are already present and who have been directly affected by the attacks. We will also encourage meetings between teachers from different communities. "

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