AMiD - Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities

AMiD - Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities

The project AMiD (Access to services for Migrants with Disabilities) aims to support an efficient management of the reception and integration of asylum seekers and migrants with disabilities in the EU. AMiD purpose is to outline a Needs Assessment tool to empower NGOs and Local Authorities to assess and support with adequate responses migrants and refugees with disabilities in Europe. The project will develop targeted workshop to improve knowledge and responses of multidisciplinary professionals (NGOs staff): Local organizations working with migrants and refugees services, Disabled People’s organizations and Service providers for people with disabilities. AMiD also has a Community-Advisory Board (CAB), a permanent task-force able to support the modelling and valorization of project results and to coordinate future common actions.

The last CAB meeting, on the 10th and 11th of October, in Brussels focused on three main points for strengthening the valorization of the results:

  • Support in the setting up of the Needs Assessment Tool: indicators, features, usability
  • Definition of the content and structure of the training modules targeted at professionals working with migrants and/or with persons with disabilities
  • Participation of the CAB at future international events related to migration and disability

AMiD project is a consortium of 12 partners, and EASPD is the project coordinator for the 24 months of duration of the project. The project is funded by the European programme AMIF. SOLIDAR’s main task in the project is to disseminate the outcomes of the project and communicate its main results.

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