Call for continuing supportive policies for the social economy in the European Union

In its memorandum for the European Elections in May 2014, the Social Economy Intergroup of the European Parliament calls on political parties and individual candidates for the European Parliament to ensure that in the upcoming legislature social economy and social enterprises in the European Union are ranked as high as they are valued. Although many supportive policy initiatives have been launched during the last legislature, the social economy is still lacking full legal recognition and full appreciation of its specificities and it is of utmost importance that these supportive initiatives will be further developed in the period 2014-2019.

You can find the manifesto here.

The European elections of 2014 are the opportunity to put in place actions tapping into the potential of social economy to face important challenges of the society. In this respect, the European Parliament has a decisive role to play in ensuring that these demands are fully heard and acknowledged by all the European institutions, and are reflected in European policies that meet the needs and concerns of all EU citizens.

SOLIDAR fully supports efforts made to strengthen the social economy at EU level. In times of growing social disparities, an increasing number of people excluded from society and the discussion about distributive justice of public means, the provision of qualitative, comprehensive and affordable social services becomes increasingly challenging. Social economy actors can provide these services based on an alternative economic model without exclusively looking for maximisation of profit and reduction of costs at any price.

Please find here SOLIDAR's framework paper on the social economy.