Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor 2017

Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor 2017

In public debate, education’s main purpose is viewed as preparation for the labour market. For SOLIDAR Foundation members, however, the most important role of education is preparation for democratic participation, personal empowerment and the development of a broad knowledge base for social and professional inclusion.

The Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor is a tool that was designed by an internal working group and aims to explore four thematic areas, directly derived from the Paris Declaration’s objectives, and to monitor the situation in different countries as well as the situation and positions of members of SOLIDAR Foundation. The four areas are: ensuring that people acquire civic and inter cultural competences, enhancing critical thinking and media literacy, particularly regarding the use of the internet and social media, promoting intercultural dialogue and ensuring citizens’ rights.

The main conclusions from the monitoring are:

  • The methods and concepts taught in the framework of non-formal and informal learning (NFIL) could serve as a model for the revision of national curricula and particularly for civic education. Inclusive education governance is needed and it ought to be accompanied by sustainable funding that will allow CSOs to continue developing and sharing their expertise with national authorities.
  • The value-based education that puts the learner at the centre is an environment that best stimulates critical thinking and understanding of the subject. An education system which equips people with such competences empowers them and endows them with the capacities they need to become active participants in democratic processes, intercultural dialogue and in society in general.
  • Closer attention has to be paid to the broad and varied experience that organized civil society has developed over the years while actively combating online harassment and disinformation. It could serve as a valuable input for national authorities who are currently establishing different national schemes to fight disinformation and illegal data collection.

This Monitor has contributed to mapping the relationship between citizenship and lifelong learning experiences in different European countries and shed light on the different approaches that SOLIDAR Foundation members take compared to those of national authorities. The results of this exercise will be disseminated to EU and national policymakers and will serve as a basis to make use of and transfer collected best practices. The SOLIDAR Education and Lifelong Learning Forum will further work on the topic and develop a sustainable advocacy strategy for CSOs that will enable them to form stronger alliances and partnerships with national authorities and increase their influence in the discussion and process of renewal of national curricula and education systems.

The full version can be visited and downloaded here.

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