Civic Space Monitor: tracking and promoting civic space in Europe and worldwide

Last week, SOLIDAR participated in the meeting to kick off the CIVICUS Civic Space Monitor, a tool to track violations of civic space all around the world in real time. The tool will be developed in collaboration with more than 20 experts representing civil society organisations all around the world and will provide a rating of the openness of civic space and updated information about the latest developments regarding freedom of association, freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly.

In recent times we have witnessed the shrinking of civic space and the decreasing involvement of civil society in the decision making process all over Europe. Many governments in the European Union are enforcing laws that limit the space for civil society to operate freely. In most cases this is justified by the need to increase control and respond to security concerns. However freedom of association, expression and peaceful assembly are fundamental freedoms that cannot be traded off against the need to increase security. Any violations of those fundamental freedoms are a threat to the wellbeing of European democracies. Therefore SOLIDAR is eager to contribute to this ambitious and timely project by providing updated information regarding the state of civic society space in European Member States with the aim of denouncing violations and promoting the expansion of the space for civil society and for a truthful civil dialogue.

Find more about the CIVICUS Civic Space Monitor here.