CLAN Project entering the final phase

Our Erasmus+ founded project CLAN (Collaborative Learning Action Network) is entering its last phase.

After more than a year of intensive work we have developed a tool that can be used effectively by practitioners in adult education.

The leading validation tools on education recognition do not always apply in the case of standards for lifelong learning for adults with low skills. The CLAN project proposes a new approach to the recognition of these learning processes according to the European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO) and the reference framework for the recognition and transfer of credits (ETCS). This tool provides us with the ability to CAPITALISE the target group informal experiences, create a professional FOLDER, build a PERSONALISED LEARNING plan and adjust to their own needs and expand the POSSIBILITIES of access to the labour market.

This technology-based tool is a key innovation in this project, it provides us with the ability to assess transversal competences, connect the user to Europass Portfolios and employability portals. This dynamic means placing the person at the very centre of the process of recognising professional competences and opening new paths to accreditation and formal learning opportunities.

What is CLAN?

CLAN was built to help you identify your transversal competences.


  1. Think of an activity you do in your daily life.
  2. Start a first assessment of the indicators that reflect "Your know-how".
  3. Establish your transversal competences.
  4. Build your Europass CV, at the same time you evaluate your transversal competences.


The online cards were launched in several languages and can be used on a PC as well as smartphones or tablets.  Do not wait to discover new and effective ways to assess the key skills and competences of adult learners and how to support them in their pursuit of decent work that corresponds to theirs skills and competences. 

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