CTUWS Report on workers protests in Egypt

In the past few days a new wave of workers strikes broke out across different economic-, industrial- and service sectors in Egypt. A recently published CTUWS* report alerted the attempt to describe legitimate workers demands as “a foreign plot to invoke instability”.

According to CTUWS, the absence of a clear mechanism for negotiations between the government and the workers is one of the elements prolonging the duration of the strikes.
CTUWS calls the government to firstly reconsider the application of the decision on minimum wage and to draft a law which is in compliance with the international law and realize justice in wages; and secondly to establish a sustainable mechanism to facilitate negotiations between workers and the government.

According to SOLIDAR’s country report last year, worrying developments took place in Egypt in 2012 and 2013, regarding the promotion of Social Justice, Freedom of Association and Peaceful Assembly, Decent Work and Social Protection. The second European Neighbourhood Policy Monitoring Process (that will take place between April and June) will monitor these developments and the next country report will be published by the end of the year.

The CTUWS report is available in both Arabic and English.
The SOLIDAR country Report 2013 is available in English.

*CTUWS was awarded SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards in 2000.