Day 3 - EU trade and Investment Policy: Between Development Goals and Access to Developing Markets

Today, representatives from the Arab NGO Network for Development (ANND) participated at a round table organized by SOLIDAR in the European Parliament on “EU trade and Investment Policy: Between Development Goals and Access to developing markets”. The round table was hosted by MEP Jorg Leichtfried, the Vice-Chair of the S&D Group and member of the International Trade Committee (INTA) in the European Parliament. Other MEPs, such as Elly Schlein from the S&D, Klaus Buchner form the Greens, Anne-Marie Mineur from the GUE, and Enrique Guerrero Salom together with representatives from European-based CSOs participated in the round table and shared views on the challenges related to trade and investment agreements with the MENA region.

ANND delegates and MEPs highlighted that poverty eradication and the fight against inequalities remain the main challenges affecting the MENA region, and they should represent the key priorities for the post 2015 development agenda. The round table highlighted the need to strengthen the human rights-based approach to trade and investment agreements, especially with regard to the role of private sector, within the new post 2015 development agenda.

The round table stressed also the crucial role of CSOs in trade agreements and the responsibility of the EU to ensure transparency and promoting progressive taxation policies that can promote sustainable growth and social protection both in Europe and in the MENA region.

follow us tomorrow at the EU-Arab Civil Society Dialogue #SocialJustice_MENA «This activity has been organized with the financial support of the European Commission, DG DEVCO, in the framework of the project Strengthening social protection, decent work and inclusive development through enhanced coordination and dialogue »