Decent Work and Social Protection for All: A Global Challenge, a Common Engagement | SOLIDAR - FOS - SOLSOC Mission to the ILO Conference, the main results

SOLIDAR - FOS - SOLSOC Mission to the ILO Conference, the main results

In the framework of its advocacy and campaign work to promote Decent Work and Social Protection for All, SOLIDAR together with its Members – Solidar Suisse, FOS-Solidaristische Solidariteit and Solidarité Socialiste – attended the 104th Session of the International Labour Organisation’s Conference in Geneva to support the demands of its partners – Asmade (Burkina Faso) and the Coordinadora Sindical de trabajadores azucareros (El Salvador)- for Freedom of Association, Decent Work and Universal Access to Health.

One of the main objectives of this visit was to put pressure on El Salvador’s Labour Minister to win full recognition for Sitracaña (sugar cane cutters trade union) and a commitment to establish tripartite social dialogue for the sugar cane sector.

Thanks to international pressure, SOLIDAR together with its member FOS that attended the ILO-ILC is able to announce that this objective has been accomplished and has resulted in the Minister recognising Sitracaña’s legal status as a trade union and agreeing to tripartite dialogue with the sugar cane workers. However, the real work still needs to be done, to ensure that the sugar cane workers in El Salvador will actually be able to enforce their own rights. SOLIDAR Member FOS will keep putting pressure in this direction.

Letter of the El Salvador government.