DIGIT Project – Final results

On 23 October 2019, SOLIDAR Foundation participated in the European Conference on the Digital Footprint, which served as a Final Conference for the DIGIT project. The results of the project have now been made available online.

The Boost Competences for Responsible Online Identity (DIGIT) Project was focused on the identity and footprint that people leave behind online, and especially on informing users about which data is collected on them and how it is used. Guidelines on how to mitigate the dangers of cyber threats have been elaborated in the framework of the project. The project consortium contained the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) as well the European Digital Learning Network (DLearn) among other national partners.

At the final conference, the project consortium revealed the results of their research, the 20 tips for learners to reflect on their digital footprint, the training programme developed for educators working with adult learners and launched a debate with participants on the initiatives developed at European level or at national level on the digital footprint. The conference benefitted from the expertise of practitioners in Spain, Greece, Germany and Ireland, who each have provided various workshops on online identity, cyber volunteering, digital rights. You can take at a look at the Keynote speech and project highlights and the policy debate and the presentation of other European and national projects on digital footprint pitched during the conference.

SOLIDAR Foundation eagerly welcomes the results and efforts of the DIGIT project as it highlights the unpreparedness and unawareness of digital users in a society that has become increasingly dependent on the digital realm. Responsible usage of digital technologies is both essential for the user and for their fellow citizens, which further emphasises the need to focus more on digital citizenship. Moreover, digital users must engage in lifelong learning on digital topics to be able to adapt to the fast paced societal changes in order to take part as active citizens.