Education and Lifelong Learning Forum

On 28 June the Education and Lifelong Learning forum (ELF) met in Brussels. Twenty three participants representing 16 member organizations from 14 different countries discussed policy developments and the work plan for the rest of the year.  The meeting was chaired by David Lopez, who was elected a Board member by the Annual General Assembly of the SOLIDAR Foundation on Friday 29 June.

The discussion about working priorities centred on the Citizenship and Lifelong Learning monitor and skills for democratic citizenship.  The Monitor has contributed to mapping the relationship between citizenship and lifelong learning experiences in different European countries and shed light on the different approaches that SOLIDAR Foundation members take compared to those of national authorities. The forum decided that the results of this exercise will be translated in different languages and disseminated to national policymakers and will serve as a basis to build a follow up that will explore in detail the day-to-day relation between the active citizenship and concrete activities and initiatives of our members and their cooperation with the formal education sector and public authorities. In order to assure the quality of the information collected, the participating organizations will receive a financial contribution.

The forum also discussed the activities and work priorities for the upcoming six months.

·          The study visit to Budapest, Hungary, hosted by the organization Progressive Hungary will take place on 13-14 September 2018. The programme will start on Thursday afternoon (to allow arrivals in the morning) and continue until lunch time on Friday.

·         The Roundtable discussion on the situation of Educators and Teachers will take place on 27 September 2018 from 16.30 to 18.00 in the European Parliament in cooperation with the Youth Intergroup.

·         The Training Academy, that will support capacity building and will include sessions on advocacy and fundraising, will be hosted by our member AOPSS Slovakia. The training is designed for activists and the junior staff of our members and for this reason this activity will take place over the weekend from 15-18 November 2018.

·         The European Social meeting, an international conference organized in cooperation with CEMEA will take place from 12 to 15 December in Paris, France.

The Forum in coordination with the secretariat will also follow EU policy developments in the field of Education and Training, particularly in relation to the Erasmus+ programme and Dual Systems (VET).  

The next meeting will take place in December in Paris.  For more information about the ELF and its work do not hesitate to contact Lucie Susova, Education and Lifelong learning Coordinator at SOLIDAR Foundation at