Egypt: EU should not compromise on Fundamental Rights!

The assassination of Italian PhD researcher Giulio Regeni, whose body was found in Cairo last week with signs of torture has raised international concern over the worsening security situation in Egypt at the expenses of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Although the circumstances behind Regeni’s killings remain unknown, the fact has drawn international attention to the unlawful practices of the current regime in Egypt when it comes to human rights and fundamental freedoms. Giulio Regeni was researching on independent trade unions and labour rights and the 6 April movement in.

SOLIDAR strongly condemns the brutal escalation of violence against fundamental freedoms and human rights in Egypt, and calls upon the EU Institutions and the member states to take immediate and concrete actions to put pressure on the Egyptian Government to stop unlawful practices such as forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, arrest and imprisonments, torture, and travel bans, that are carried out systematically or in a widespread manner and constitute crimes against humanity.

The death of Giulio Regeni is one tragic example of what hundreds of citizens, workers, labour rights and human rights activists in Egypt, but also across the entire Middle East are going through in their daily lives, due to the abuse of power of a military regime, lack of rule of law and independent judiciary, and strong violations of fundamental rights and freedoms.

SOLIDAR stands in solidarity with the independent labour movement in Egypt that, despite the ongoing repression, continues to challenge the heart of the neoliberal transformation in the country that the 2011 revolution and the slogan “Bread, Freedom, Social Justice” sought to change.

SOLIDAR partner in Egypt works to promote labour rights in Egypt and supports the work of independent trade unions. Read here their statement.

SOLIDAR member, CGIL together with the Italian Network of associations promoting Peace, have issued a solidarity statement.

© UN Photo/John Isaac