Elections in Bolivia: call for the EU to ensure free, transparent and fair elections

Before the elections that will take place in Bolivia on 18th October, Belgian organisations - including SOLIDAR members FOS and SOLSOC - launched a declaration, together with other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), calling for the EU to pay special attention to the electoral process so that it is performed in a free, impartial, fair and transparent manner.  

Bolivia is currently experiencing a political crisis – with high levels of polarisation – and an economic and sanitary crisis, since the pandemic has shown a precarious healthcare system and a poor infrastructure: Bolivia is one of the most affected countries in the world. The country is also experiencing an environmental deterioration, manifested mainly by the ecocide in the Amazon. The previous elections in October 2019, already raised the concerns of several international organisations and institutions towards multiple Human Rights violations. 

In this context, the declaration calls for the EU to: 

  • Promote neutral observation mechanisms.
  • Supervise the electoral and post-electoral process, monitoring democracy and compliance with Human Rights.
  • Make a constructive call for the tensions to be resolved without conflict in the country.
  • Condemn any type of violence that may appear in the context of elections. 
  • Urge the Bolivian government to safeguard the country's institutions and to respect international law.
  • Urge the (incoming) government of Bolivia to adopt measures to ensure no violations of Human Rights, as committed during the post-election crisis that began in October 2019.
  • Have a constructive dialogue with Bolivian civil society.

Image credit: Paulo Fabre Ruiz - Creative Commons 

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