Erasmus+ x10 campaign launched

Erasmus+ x10 campaign launched

SOLIDAR Foundation is a proud beneficiary of Erasmus+, a programme that has changed the lives of more than 9 million people around Europe since its foundation 30 years ago. It is arguably one of the most successful tools to facilitate European mobility and therefore intercultural understanding and diversity.  That's why we joined the campaign launched by our partner organisation, Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP), that calls on the European Institutions and national representatives to increase the funding of the programme tenfold in next financial period.

The increase in financing will make the programme more inclusive and more accessible to both individual citizens and civil society organisations operating on the European level. The campaign will be running mostly online in the first stage and will aim to positively influence the outcome of the next MFF negotiations scheduled for June 2018.

The increased funding will, among other aims of the programme, focus on:

·         Widening its access for a truly lifelong learning programme

To widen its access to a larger group of beneficiaries from all ages and different education purposes, and to respond to the high demand of smaller organisations and individual citizens that struggle to access and be successful in the current programme.

·         Empowerment of citizens through education

To contribute to societal progress by promoting shared civic values and active citizenship through mobility, volunteering and cooperation projects.

·         Education as a driver for Sustainable Development Goals

To raise awareness and enhance the implementation of the SDGs in Europe using education as the proven and most powerful vehicle for sustainable development thus making lifelong learning a reality for all.

·         Internationalising education and lifelong learning systems

To reinforce the global dimension of the programme and the internationalisation of educationinstitutions and different learning environments in order to build bridges with societies and economies across the globe and therefore become more competitive and resilient in a globalised world.

To find out more about the campaign and to join by signing the dedicated online petition, please visit the brand new website If you are wondering how you or your organisation can benefit from Erasmus+ hurry up and check the 2018 Erasmus+ Annual Work Program  on Erasmus+ website.

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