EU increases macro-financial assistance to Jordan as part of EU-Jordan Partnership Priorities

On Wednesday the European Parliament and the Council decided to provide further macro-financial assistance to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with a worth of 200 million euros in medium-term loans, in order to support the country to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis. This comes after the pledges made at the conference ’Supporting Syria and the Region’, held in London on 4 February 2016, as well as part of the so-called EU-Jordan Compact (annexed to EU-Jordan partnership priorities), a document that the EU and Jordan are discussing and that would contain precise commitments on both sides (including financial assistance from the EU) aimed at addressing a number of policy priorities.

On 18 May 2016, on behalf of CONCORD, SOLIDAR attended a CSO consultation meeting organised by the European External Action Service (EEAS) and DG NEAR on the of EU-Jordan Partnership priorities. In this context, the EU insisted that they would promote economic stabilisation and job creation thorough structural reforms, private sector development and macro-financial assistance via IMF and IFIs.

Against this background, in the light of the EU-Jordan partnership priorities, SOLIDAR calls on the EU to:

  • Ensure the EU’s support to Jordan will address long-term employment policies for both Jordanians and non-Jordanians, expand coverage of the national social protection system beyond safety nets through the establishment of national social protection floors.
  • Reform and enhance the current registration system that is one of the main obstacles for refugees to get access to the labour market.
  • Further support the establishment of a transparent mechanism of consultation with CSOs and trade unions on the current National Framework for the Formalisation of the Informal Economy;

SOLIDAR works in Jordan with ARCS, to promote freedom of association, decent work and social protections. In the framework of an EU-funded regional programme, last year we issued the Social Protection Monitoring Report for Jordan, here. Recently, we organised an advocacy mission to the 105th session of the International Labour Organisation Conference with a specific focus on migration, child labour and Syrian refugees in Jordan.

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