European Alliance for a Just Transition - Join us at the launch event on 28.09!

The European Alliance for a Just Transition is an informal group of over 20 social, environmental, climate and political organisations active at European level. Initiated by SOLIDAR at the beginning of this year, the Alliance is brought together by a sense of great urgency and a common vision for a Just Transition to climate-neutral societies in Europe and worldwide. We share the conviction that acting for climate and social justice is mutually dependant and goes hand in hand. 

“We, the members of the European Alliance for a Just Transition, call on the institutions of the European Union, national governments and other authorities to act now for a Just Transition for all. This starts with, through participation and social and civil dialogue, integrating a strong social dimension into all policies and ensuring that they are delivering on the climate and biodiversity objectives.

We call on civil society organisations, political movements, and other like-minded actors at all levels to gather in Alliances that demand a Just Transition, as only by working together will we ensure that the transition to a climate-neutral Europe will lead to fairer, more resilient, sustainable, and prosperous societies.”

To learn more about the European Allaince for a Just Transition and to join our call for a Just Tranisition in Europe and worldwide, join us for a launch event on Tuesday, 28 September, between 12:30 and 13:30 CEST. To attend the launch event, all you have to do is go to the SOLIDAR Facebook page. To interact with us, please use the hashtags #DeliverJustTransition and #JustTransitionforAll.

See you on the 28th!