European Education Area 2025

European Education Area 2025

Europeans have the right to benefit from the best education and training available, to achieve their full potential and to contribute to society. However, as the latest Education and Training Monitor 2017 shows, inequality remains a challenge, with students' socio-economic backgrounds largely determining their educational attainment.Within the broad theme of ‘Laying the foundations of the European Education Area: for an innovative, inclusive and values-based education,’ the first European Education Summit, that took place on 25 January 2018, brought together around 450 participants to discuss the importance of the European Education Area 2025,  basic skills and inclusive education and the skills that will be needed in the decades to come.

The Summit explored how to capture the latest knowledge and insights into education and how to turn our aspirations into a reality. Particular attention was paid to future skills and new forms of inclusive education that most of the high-level panellists referred to as an absolute priority.

SOLIDAR Foundation was pleased to participate in the workshop discussion and stress the importance of lifelong learning as well as the need for adequate financing on both the European and national level.The event could be summarised as a day full of reflection, workshops, high-level panels and presentations of many projects and initiatives (mostly private entrepreneurship initiatives) that could serve as an inspiration for horizontal change. The event was held within the context of the work towards a European Education Area that, according to the European Commission, will make mobility a reality for all, create a network of European Universities and promote lifelong learning.

To make mobility a reality, NGOs and civil society organisations are working intensively on the Erasmusx10 Campaign.  To find out more, check out the campaign website.

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