FGTB´s Socio Economic Barometer 2020

Our member FGTB presents the publication: "Socio-economic barometer 2020":

"The 2020 edition of our socio-economic barometer is now available by clicking on 2020 FGTB Barometer.

We have not experienced a crisis like this since the Second World War, but this one is caused by an unexpected virus. The coronavirus crisis has caused a lot of suffering and difficulty. The FGTB’s socio-economic barometer tries to draw lessons in different social domains, because the crisis has also taught us a lot, among other things:

  • that the economy and society continue to function in times of crisis, thanks to workers, above all essential workers;
  • that the State and social security system have tried to absorb the shock to get us through the crisis;
  • that good health care and maintaining purchasing power are essential for being able to cope with the crisis;
  • that solidarity is the glue that holds society together.

These are findings that no one can deny today. Now is the time to make a difference. Change has become a necessity because the neoliberal model does not provide answers to growing inequalities, nor to the challenges posed by climate change.

Social protection, maintaining purchasing power, organising solidarity: these are the FGTB’s strengths. Change will come not only from politics, but also from citizens.

The coronavirus crisis is therefore an opportunity to change course. But there are also risks. Some will want to return quickly to the normal way of things, while others will always oppose a solution that would mean showing solidarity when it comes to paying the bill (which is increasing day by day) requiring them to make a higher contribution.

This edition of the socio-economic barometer tries to provide the figures to shed light on the problems and then propose solutions for the months and years to come. We will look at how everyone has been affected by this crisis, but also at how to make our model of society more resilient.

Good reading!"

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