FMS New member of SOLIDAR

The Foundation Max van der Stoel (FMS) is an independent foundation affiliated to the Dutch Labour Party, PvdA. We strive for the social democratic value of international solidarity within three areas: democracy, development and dialogue.  The Foundation Max van der Stoel is nationally and internationally allied with the social democratic movement. The FMS has a small professional staff with a large group of volunteers that conduct the trainings.

Our ideal: a world in which the democratic rights of all people are safeguarded.
We fight for fledgling democracies and for (social) democrats in countries where freedom is under pressure. The FMS supports the development of political parties by means of providing trainings for them at their request. Recurrent themes within these trainings are building a democratic party, involving the youth and women in politics, campaigning skills and the enlargement of the European Union. Hundreds of trainers and politicians have been educated in this way in the countries where we are active (EU Neighborhood and Western Balkans.)

Our ideal: a world where everyone has equal opportunities for development.
Giving something with one hand which is then taken by the other hand… It could not be more contradictory. We want to persuade the Dutch & EU governments into adopting and realising fair policies and legislation. We want to kick-start a public movement in which interest organisations and civil society are represented and heard; involving those who support sustainable development in The Netherlands and in the rest of the world.

Our ideal: an informed society in which everyone can form an opinion based on mutual reliance.
The FMS regularly organises public meetings and meetings of experts in the Netherlands on developments in countries and regions where we are active. These events provide a forum for debates about those countries, European expansion or development cooperation among representatives from politics, the civil society, science and industry. We always cooperate with diaspora organisations. Africaday is the largest public event related to Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands.

European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity
The FMS is in charge of the office of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity, a platform for cooperation between social democratic parties and foundations within and beyond the EU. The European Forum’s aim is to strengthen social democracy in countries outside the EU based on the principle of international solidarity. More than 30 parties and foundations are associated with the European Forum.

FMS is member of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), European Network of Political Foundations (ENoP), Partos (Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development), Tax Justice Netherlands.