Good clothes = Fair Pay! The European Citizens’ Initiative to ensure living wage to garment workers.

On July 19th 2022, the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Good Clothes, Fair Pay” was launched to demand an EU legislation on living wages for the people who make our clothes.  

The campaign will last one year and will need at least one million signatures from EU citizens to call on the European Commission to present a legislative initiative requiring companies selling garments, textiles and footwear in the EU to take action on living wages in their supply chains.  

These companies will be required to assess wages in their own supply chains and ensure workers are paid living wages.  

The ECI can be signed on  

Currently, most of the workers in the garment sector earn poverty wages and minimum wages in place are often not enough to live on. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation. As can be read in SOLIDAR Briefing Paper, Maquilas Workers in Central America. Falling off the boat in the Corona virus storm?, many workers were left unpaid when major brands cancelled their orders.  

 SOLIDAR, together with its members and their partners, has been a long standing advocate for the adoption of an EU binding legislation to ensure decent work for Garment workers.  

Therefore, SOLIDAR will support the ECI to get the needed 1 million signatures.  

Will you add your signature? 


For more information about the ECI, please visit

For more information about SOLIDAR advocacy work on decent work for garment workers, please see  


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