Hit the streets on May day!

On Monday trade unions will hit the streets for the defence of workers’ rights, social rights, decent work and equal pay for equal work. As a very symbolic day it is also an opportunity for social NGOs and movements to stand alongside the unions and occupy the public space. Inequality is poison to democracy and the European integration project.  Social and territorial cohesion as stipulated in the treaties is not out of reach, but needs voluntarist policies.

The European Commission has submitted its proposal for a European Pillar of Social Rights. An important sign on an important historical occasion. Without ambition and without defining the means and tools to achieve upward conversion, however, it remains solely a set of principles and not the set of rights as stipulated.

Digital evolution and industrial development must be accompanied by social protection schemes and access to welfare benefits. Societal changes caused by demographic change and migration are a reality which no fence nor wall will limit nor prevent. May Day is a day of globalised solidarity. Another Rana Plaza is still possible, as indecent and precarious work remain part of reality. On the other hand, now we have a global alternative: the Sustainable Development Goals. The new agenda to bet set in view of 2030!

Hit the streets on May 1st! Social investment is the next step towards social progress! Workers’ Rights are human rights! Against hate and division: global solidarity!

This editorial appeared in the Weekly Round Up of 28th April 2017.

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