INCLUS Project meeting in Copenhagen

INCLUS project partners met in Copenhagen on 9 and 10 July, hosted by the leading partner FIC Denmark.

On the discussion table is the creation of a toolbox for young migrants and refugees who would like to move within Europe for work reasons. The aim of the toolbox is to give correct and relevant information to these young people, to help them in the difficult process of migration and integration in the labour market.

The project “Inclus: Europe for the integration of young migrants and refugees” funded under the Erasmus + programme, aims to support youth associations to better understand the obstacles to inclusion in society and to integration in the labour market of young migrants and refugees as well as to empower young migrants and refugees directly to take part in youth associations through the use of non-formal and informal learning methods and training tools.

One of the main innovative aspects of the project is the cross-sectoral supporting structure called the ‘Innovative Inclusive Committee’ composed of representatives of youth associations, trade-unions, employment services, policy makers, EU policy experts and young migrants and refugees.