Integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the European labour market: a Video Journal of SIRIUS project

The SIRIUS (Skills and Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Applicants in European Labour Markets) project is launching a video journal of its findings. Each week, the project will reveal the experiences in one of the countries studied over the course of three years, focusing on a specific practice that enhances migrants’ integration on the labour market, while also considering some other aspects needed in conjunction with this. 

The video journal launches with a video produced by SIRIUS partner Charles University, from the Czech Republic, in which a project on intercultural integration that is implemented by the local authorities in Brno is explored. Community experts and migrants provide testimonies advocating for comprehensive support provided to migrants and refugees arriving in Brno, discussing their experience and the work of supporting migrants that had similar experience to them. 

Find out more about the various work that SIRIUS partners have been doing and stay tuned for the release of more episodes of the video journal!

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