Leading VET changes for 2030

Last week SOLIDAR Foundation took an active role in an international conference focusing on the future of Vocational Education and Training (VET).  Organised by our long standing partner EVBB and hosted untraditionally by the Volkswagen Plant in Bratislava we spent three days discussing the current state of play and the future of the sector.

This annual conference is a unique opportunity for business to meet with VET providers and exchange the best practices and common strategies for the future. This time however the SOLIDAR Foundation delegation that was composed of 15 international members made sure that the social dimension, decent work and accessibility were strongly present in the discussions.

Given the proximity to the Austrian Border and the experience among the EVBB membership the topic of Dual System training and its benefits played a prominent role in the debate.

Dual System vocational training combines school and work experience, and is therefore currently the most efficient way to fill the gap between school and companies, helping to reduce youth unemployment. In the light of the fast moving digitalisation of the production sector the dual system is popular with students because it is not only about vocational experience: apprentices “socialise” with their profession, with their colleagues and with the enterprise’s world. They are helped to feel like members of a “community of specialists”, be it craftsmen, industrial workers or qualified employees in the services sector.

The conference ended up with a press-conference where the EVBB president, Thiemo Fojkar announced plans to issue a common declaration focusing on the solutions that each conference partner can offer to face the current challenges.

SOLIDAR Foundation secretariat is currently working on the draft together with colleagues and when published it will be circulated to our membership and partners.

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