Lobna Jeribi, President of Solidar Tunisia, denounces a disconnection with socioeconomic claims in Tunisia

Lobna Jeribi, President of Solidar Tunisia, denounces a disconnection with socioeconomic claims in Tunisia

On Monday 26 February, SOLIDAR had the pleasure to welcome Lobna Jeribi, President of Solidar Tunisia, in its office. Solidar Tunisia is a “think tank” based in Tunisia which has a strong work in the field of social and economic development, energy, governance and social affairs with the overall aim to bring social justice, solidarity, equality and equity in Tunisia. Find more about their last activities here.

Referring to the situation in Tunisia, Lobna Jeribi highlighted the disconnection between the government and citizens’ expectations in terms of socioeconomic development in an interview with Raouf Seddik in January. She stated that “ l’appel à la dignité et à l’équité est resté sans réponse. Nous avons des services publics qui sont devenus drastiquement délabrés, nous avons des droits économiques et sociaux qui sont à la traîne, un taux de chômage de plus en plus élevé, une infrastructure qui s’esquinte... ”. Lobna Jeribi is convinced that Tunisia needs to adopt an inclusive model, rebuilt trust between the different actors (civil society organizations, the state, and citizens), while ensuring continuity in its policies.

In a previous article, SOLIDAR stressed that stability is not to take for granted. Indeed, economic growth is not a synonym for social development. Rising unemployment, the disillusionment of the country’s youth and persistent inequality and territorial disparities are threatening the stability and social cohesion of the country. SOLIDAR remains convinced that it is only through an open, dynamic, solidarity-based society in which all social parameters are taken into account that stability and security in the country can be achieved.

SOLIDAR will soon publish a report on Tunisia highlighting the situation in terms of social protection, decent work and freedom of association, based on the contributions of Tunisian civil society organisations to the Social Rights Monitor, a tool developed in the framework of the SOLIDAR project ‘Decent Work, Social Protection and Freedom of Association in the Middle East and North Africa: Mobilizing for Social Justice by strengthening and promoting CSOs, social movements and independent trade unions’ role in reforms and democratic changes’.

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