No more limits? Show red card!

No more limits? Show red card!

When a Tory MEP treats Socialists like  Fascists, this is an insult to the victims of National “socialism” and Fascism. For this MEP it is probably neither crazy nor stupid. Usually crossing this kind of line is part of a reactionary agenda which imagines that breaking taboos is the best way of getting attention. In Tory’s case, it is probably the way to hide the fact that BREXITeers have no initial strategy or an exit strategy. The loudest has just asked the German nationals to stay in EU. Wasn’t the campaign built on lies (financing the NHS)? But it also took a life of another MEP, Jo Cox. Was it really a democratic expression of the will of British people or hasn’t it just brought disorder and confusion increasing division in British society and hence within the EU?

Democrats from different political groups reacted vigorously on Wednesday in the EP debate whereas the EP President’s temptation to moderate such excitement was rather a capitulation. This is the representation of what should be considered as an insult to victims who gave their lives for the values the EU pretends to stand for and to those who wanted to draw lessons from the trauma of the 2nd World War. Or did the Tories feel invigorated by the film productions of DUNKERQUE and WINSTON CHURCHILL? BREXIT has nothing to do with capitulation,  war situations or with the fight for freedom. It remains a dangerous playing with fire when the confusion of words bring along the powder.

On the same day: Commissioner Moscovici was surprised by the outrageous Lega Nord MEP who took out his shoe to hammer on the Commissioner’s paper, and the Secret Service in the US unveils the bomb attacks against Democrats. Where will this end and how can we stop it?

What we know is that certainly what now looks like a fuss will only fuel the detriment of the trust in democracy, in our system of regulation of conflicts and diverging interests. The cinema that the  Nazis made in German Reichstag before they took the power contributed to the decline of democracy. We learned a lesson learned there - the erosion of democracy was not due to the Nazis, but to the division of Democrats and of the forces of the Left (Communists treating Social democrats as “Social Fascists”).

Does it sound familiar? Yes, and it is enough. We know that we are the majority, although sometimes the silent majority. The others make the noise, provoke, attack and prepare the deeds by words.

Nobody other than Trump motivates those who sent bombs to Democrats through his dirty campaigning and tweets, nobody other than conservatives who speak about “asylum and welfare tourism” prepares the ground for hate speech and hate crimes against migrants and asylum seekers. We know the vicious circle. Therefore we need more than nice analysis, compliments and comments. First, we should start with a vigorous application, not of the Stability and Growth Pact, but of the democratic Rule of Law. A hate crime is a crime and has no justification. Defamation, insults and verbal aggression must be prosecuted. If the democrat does not have self- respect, how can we set limits?

We know where appeasement leads. It is understood as encouragement rather than admonishment by the democratic treasonous. And it is not “insubmission” or leftist policy insulting journalists, media and the institutions if breaking democratic laws is prosecuted.

Disorder of words will lead to disorder of deeds – at all levels. Remember Fahrenheit 451? There is already fire in the house of Europe and we need an extinguisher: progressive policies, respect for democratic rule of law to start with! It is not too late yet!

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