Participation of our President in a Video Conference with the Kings of Spain on the work of volunteering in the COVID19 crisis

On April 28th, the Kings of Spain held a videoconference with those responsible for the Spanish Volunteer Platform (PVE), who have conveyed to them the importance of taking advantage of this moment of solidarity demonstrations by a large sector of society in the face of the situation generated by Covid-19, pleading to maintain this solidarity drive beyond the health crisis and the state of alarm, according to reports from the Royal Household. 

Present in the videoconference were, on the side of the PVE, the President Luciano Poyato; the President of SOLIDAR & SOLIDAR Foundation and also Vice President of the PVE, Francisca Sauquillo; the director, Mar Amate and the coordinator of programs and projects, Mónica Sánchez, who explained to the Kings that the estimated number of volunteers throughout Spain is 2.7 million people, of whom more than 50% (1,5 million) are involved in very active social volunteering in this crisis. 

In addition, they have shown how the Volunteer Platform, throughout this crisis, is focusing its work on facilitating that all volunteer entities (especially small and medium-sized ones) can work and support with all their volunteers; channelling and attending to the wish to participate of many people who, without volunteering before, want to collaborate at this time, as well as taking care of collaboration offers from companies that make resources and people available to society in this context. 

The most relevant volunteer programs are psychological care for the elderly, their caregivers and socio-health personnel, as well as care for groups of immigrants in an irregular situation who have lost their income. 

Faced with the wave of solidarity unleashed in the wake of the pandemic, the leadership of the PVE has made the Royal Highnesses see the desirability of "taking advantage of this moment to maintain this momentum of solidarity beyond the health crisis and the state of alarm.

Images credit: PVE and Royal Household.