Posting of Workers - Protecting Mobility through Improving Labour Rights Enforcement in Europe (PROMO)

The situation of posted workers has become an increasing concern. It has even been included in election campaigns in European Member States such as France among others.  The serious failings of protection systems with regard to posted workers in the European Union are perceived by workers, employees, their unions, researchers, representatives of labour inspectors, social partners and other relevant actors as a form of unfair competition in jobs, wages and income. Problems include significant wage differences, the growth of a grey and informal economy, labour intermediaries, violations of social standards, social rights, and social security fraud. The perception of the problem has and continues to nurture right wing populist campaigns and parties.

The posting of workers creates a conflict between the free movement of services and labour on the one hand, and the basic workers’ rights of freedom of association and industrial action, on the other. SOLIDAR therefore welcomes the proposal for a European Labour Authority, as mentioned by President Juncker in his State of the Union speech which could help address the different challenges arising from the posting of workers, such as:

  • Ensuring fair wages and other employment conditions for posted workers based on host country standards;
  • Ensuring that protections granted to posted workers in law are actually effectively accessible to the worker;
  • Establishing effective and dissuasive sanctions against companies who cheat workers of pay, or who otherwise commit serious labour rights violations.

On 24 and 25 November the PROMO project is hosting a conference to discuss “Strengthening Transnational Cooperation among Labour Standards Enforcement Agencies in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities”. The conference will be held in Prague and will aim at exploring and discussing challenges and opportunities to strengthen the enforcement of labour standards for more effective protection and equal treatment of posted and migrant workers in Europe.

To register for the conference, please fill in and submit the online form by 6 October 2017.

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