Putting sustainability at the centre of EU-Latin America enhanced cooperation

The hearing for Josep Borrell, High Representative / Vice President-designate, took place on 7 October. In his introductory speech, Mr. Borrell highlighted, among others, his intention to step up cooperation with Latin America.

What this cooperation will look like? The European Union (EU) Communication “European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean: joining forces for a common future”, adopted in April this year, contains some possible answers to that question.

According to the EU-LAC Civil Society Working Group, of which SOLIDAR is a member, the proposed partnership model is centred on trade relations and economic growth, instead of being rooted in a coherent and balanced sustainable development approach in line with the social, environmental and economic dimensions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Despite the recognition of civil society organisations (CSOs) as strategic partners, the economic approach of the Communication makes economic actors key partners, such as the European Investment Bank and international financial institutions.

What should this cooperation look like? This is what SOLIDAR will discuss with its members from the Andean Region and Central American countries from 15 to 17 October in Brussels where, in the framework of DEVCO – SOLIDAR Framework Partnership Agreement “Organising International SOLIDARity”, the SOLIDAR Training Academy on EU -Latin America Relations will take place.

Together with the EU-LAC Civil Society Working Group, SOLIDAR calls for the EU-Latin America and Caribbean countries partnership to be built upon the joint commitment to achieve the SDGs through coherent political actions to ensure that no- one is left behind and that planetary boundaries are respected.

Picture/ Copyright SOLSOC