Recognising the skills, competences and knowledge of migrants

The number of refugees and new migrants who reach Europe, escaping from wars or critical life conditions and looking for new life opportunities, has increased dramatically in recent years and is likely to continue growing in the coming years. These 'newcomers' face many challenges in settling into Europe and among these are the obstacles to accessing the labour market or continuing their studies. The needs of refugees and new migrants in terms of improving their access to education, training and employment are great. 

The VINCE "validation for inclusion of new citizens in Europe" project led by EUCEN, addresses these obstacles by improving accessibility to higher education through the validation of prior learning. SOLIDAR Foundation is a partner of this project and highlighted during the peer learning seminar today some long term trends in Europe: increasing inequalities, backlash against globalisation, emerging conflicts and war and rising racism and xenophobia. These trends might have an impact on the future validation of skills, competences and knowledge for migrants and refugees.


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Photo © Isabell Grundschober twitter account