#SDG4 is about ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

On 13 October, SOLIDAR will join the official launch of the SDG Watch Europe at the North-Rhine Westphalia Representation in Brussels.

SDG Watch Europe is an emerging, cross-sectoral, civil society alliance of 70 EU-level civil society organizations (CSOs), initiated in June 2015. It aims to ensure the EU’s achievement of the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 by independently monitoring EU and member states’ implementation. 

Starting on September 26th (17 days ahead of the #SDGWatchLaunch), the SDG Watch Europe will dedicate each day to one of the 17 goals. At #SDGWatchLaunch a short message will remind of the “SDG of the day”.

Today’s SDG is #SDG4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In the framework of its work to ensure #sociaprotection4all, SOLIDAR Members, together with their partners in the field, promote access to education including non-formal and informal learning to match the ambition ‘not to leave anyone behind’.

According to SOLIDAR, non-formal and informal learning (NFIL) is one of the best ways to make necessary change possible, as it creates awareness and it empowers people to make positive life-decisions. Non-formal and informal learning is a powerful tool to empower those furthest away from formal education and the labour market. NFIL provides a fairer opportunity for both young people and adults to acquire skills, competences and knowledge during their lifetimes. It gives them an opportunity to be innovative and to contribute to change both in society and the workplace.  More information can be found in the SOLIDAR Briefing on ‘Non-Formal and Informal Learning as a Driver for Human Development and Social Justice’.

Here are some examples of SOLIDAR members’ work:

  • In Lebanon, in the district of Hermel, SOLIDAR Italian Member ARCS focuses its actions on promoting non-discriminatory access to formal and non-formal education for both Syrian refugee children and vulnerable children of the host communities. Through distribution of school equipment and socio-educational activities, ARCS enhances the public sector in-take capacity and stimulated a social climate conducive to the integration of school-aged children affected by the Syrian crisis into the host community.
  • In Guatemala, a country where a 36 year long civil war caused thousands of victims, SOLIDAR Spanish member Movement for Peace (MPDL), works with teachers of primary and secondary schools to develop training courses (“Training and Action for Peace”) providing educational and methodological resources to address human rights, and promote a culture of peace and non-violence among students and their families.

Find out more on SOLIDAR members’ work to promote access to education here.

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