Social Progress Watch on availability and quality of social and healthcare services

The Social Progress Watch (SPW) initiative is a tool implemented by members and partners of SOLIDAR to monitor the commitment and progress made by national governments towards a more social and cohesive Europe. Through the SPW, SOLIDAR collects on a yearly basis country reports providing recommendations for upward social convergence as well as case studies presenting innovative and sustainable models to promote social inclusion, the social economy and quality job creation.

Availability and quality of social and healthcare services - Country reports from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom

The austerity measures promoted by the European institution in last years have had negative impact on the access to and quality of social and healthcare services in several Member States.

Rather than investing in these services as a prerequisite for upward social convergence and inclusive economic growth, the Country Specific Recommendations of the European Semester evaluate them from a budgetary and fiscal perspective, i.e. urging EU Member States to increase the cost-effectiveness of their health and social services. In several Member States it is reported that the EU recommendations to increase cost-efficiency create a downward pressure on the availability and quality of these services, thereby straining their capacity to act as social safeguards.

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