Social Progress Watch on poverty and social inclusion

The Social Progress Watch (SPW) initiative is a tool implemented by members and partners of SOLIDAR to monitor the commitment and progress made by national governments towards a more social and cohesive Europe. Through the SPW, SOLIDAR collects on a yearly basis country reports providing recommendations for upward social convergence as well as case studies presenting innovative and sustainable models to promote social inclusion, the social economy and quality job creation.

Poverty or social exclusion - Country reports from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania

The ongoing social crisis in Europe confronts the European institutions and national governments with the effects of their policy responses to the economic crisis. These policies have so far focused on one-sided austerity measures and thereby eroded the social safeguards offered by our respective welfare states and the European social model.
In several member states the numbers of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion remain high or are even on the rise and the EU 2020 Strategy’s goal to decrease these numbers is out of reach.

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