SOLIDAR at the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2018

SOLIDAR at the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2018

SOLIDAR participated in the third edition of the Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth which took place in Brussels on 27 April 2018, organised by the European Commission (DG EMPL).

The Convention gathered about 400 participants from civil society and policy-making and was dedicated to “The European Pillar of Social Rights: on the road to implementation”.Thanks to EaSI funding, SOLIDAR was able to bring two of our member organisations to Brussels (CEMEA from France, IDC from Serbia) to attend this event and participate in the different activities throughout the day.

In the morning, six policy workshops took place, among others on the crucial topic of how to finance the principles of the Pillar. The SOLIDAR Secretary General was the rapporteur for the workshop on implementing the Pillar of Social Rights through the European Semester.

In the afternoon, SOLIDAR chaired a side event on “The future of work and the European Pillar of Social Rights”, co-organised with the European Anti-Poverty Network, the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Trade Union Confederation, which was very well attended. New ways of work and related changes on the labour market – increasing atypical and insecure work contracts, the platform economy but also long-standing issues such as globalisation - have an impact on poverty, decent work and inequality. The importance of the role of social security in the response to these challenges and in fostering inclusion and equality cannot be rated highly enough. The European Pillar of Social Rights represents a key moment in the history of our Social Europe, enshrining a decent level of social protection for everyone, regardless of employment situation and contract, and thereby delivering on inclusive labour markets, fighting poverty and inequality. Speakers included Marina Monaco (ETUC), Judy McKnight (EESC), Hubertus Arndt (EC, SG) and two representatives from EAPN Ireland/Scotland.

The conference was a good event and an important place for exchanges and mutual learning but now we need action. As stated in the plenary session, the Pillar must be implemented aiming at a higher level of protection for all and all kinds of employment! Following the proclamation of the Social Pillar in autumn 2017, the EESC urges Europe's leaders to now turn their declaration of intent into a serious commitment and to press ahead with the progressive implementation of the pillar.

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