SOLIDAR calls for the release of nine activists for the right to work arbitrarily arrested in Algeria!

The Algerian government arbitrarily restricts workers’ rights to form labor organizations, and punishes peaceful protesters and strikers, including with retaliatory suspensions or dismissals from public service jobs, and arbitrarily arrests and prosecutes union activists on politically motivated charge.
In this context of impunity, yesterday 11 February 2015 9 activists for the right to work, arrested in late January, were sentenced at Laghouat to 18 months in prison for one and six months in prison for the other 8. The activists were known for their commitment to defending the right to work of the Algerians, and they were charged with "unarmed gathering" and for exercising "pressure on the decisions of judges".

SOLIDAR joins the Call for the release of nine activists for the right to work arbitrarily arrested launched by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network and the International League for human Rights.

SOLIDAR calls for:
-* The immediate and unconditional release of Mohamed Rag, Khencha Belkacem, Brahimi Belelmi, Mazouzi Benallal, Azzouzi Boubakeur, Korini Belkacem, Bekouider Faouzi, Bensarkha Tahar Djaballah and Abdelkader and to end all acts of harassment against them, including at the judicial level, in accordance with the provisions of the UN Declaration on human Rights Defenders;
-* Promoting, securing and guaranteeing the exercise of the freedoms of assembly, association and expression, according to the Algerian Constitution and the International Covenant on civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), ratified by Algeria.