SOLIDAR - FOS - SOLSOC Mission to the ILO Conference - Day 1

In the framework of its advocacy and campaign work to promote Decent Work and Social Protection for All, from 1 to 4 June, SOLIDAR together with its Members – Solidar Suisse, FOS-Solidaristische Solidariteit and Solidarité Socialiste - is attending the 104th Session of the International Labour Organisation’s Conference in Geneva to support the demands of its partners – Asmade (Burkina Faso) and the Coordinadora Sindical de trabajadores azucareros (El Salvador)- for Freedom of Association, Decent Work and Universal Access to Health.

On monday 1st of June, the ILO Conference started its work. In the opening speech, ILO Director Guy Ryder emphasized that this ILC aims at making a very significant and concrete difference for the life of millions of people.

The ILC shall adopt a recommendation on the transition from informal to formal economy to improve the conditions that workers in the informal economy sector are facing; to look at how small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can be promoted as creators of decent and productive employment; to discuss core labour protection issues, especially in relation to wages, safety and health, working time and maternity protection

In the forthcoming days, the SOLIDAR delegation, that has already met several ILO officials, will keep raising awareness on the working conditions of sugar cane cutters in El Savador and on the complaint submitted to the Committee on the application of the standards by SITRACANA as well as on the fight of Burkinabe CSOs such as Asmade to have (finally) an universal health insurance law discussed and approved.

-* The demands of SITRACANA can be found here

-* The demands of ASMADE can be found here