SOLIDAR partner from Honduras speaking at ILO’s global supply chain committee

Yesterday, on 30 May 2016, SOLIDAR attended the First Sitting of the Committee on the Global Supply Chain during the 105th session of the International Labor Conference in Geneva.

As part of the SOLIDAR delegation, Evangelina Argueta from Red de Sindicatos de Maquila de Honduras (RSMH - Network of Maquila Unions of Honduras), was given the floor during the first sitting of the Global Supply Chain committee. During her speech, she highlighted the following key recommendations that the Committee should take into consideration while drafting its conclusions:

  • Trade unions and social dialogue does not contradict job creation. On the contrary, sustainable economic development - as enshrined in the 2030 Agenda, strongly depends on social dialogue and decent work.
  • The Union Network Maquila Honduras considers it necessary that an international convention on decent work should be adopted in the global supply chains in order to ensure that in all countries there are legal mechanisms to prosecute companies (and their subcontractors) who have violated the rights of workers. Such as international standards should be based on the principle of corporate responsibility for the actions of subcontractors and service providers.
  • The Union Network Maquila Honduras calls for the adoption of international labour standards that would prevent competition between industries to result in a reduction of social standards and labour rights. The instrument should actively support the defense and expansion of our achievements in Honduras.

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