SOLIDAR stands in solidarity with its members to support the victims of the Earthquake in Italy

Last night a strong earthquake measuring 6.0 of the Richter scale hit central Italy between Lazio, Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo causing several casualties and leaving many injured. The Italian Civil Protection and Red Cross are currently working restlessly to rescue people that are still trapped under the debris. Up until now, more than 200 casualties and hundreds severely injured have been counted, and it is estimated that around 2500 people are currently displaced.

SOLIDAR is in contact with its members with offices in the region hit by the earthquake to evaluate the damages to coordinate and provide the support needed. AUSER’s offices in Pescara and Arquato del Tronto have been completely destroyed, however their presidents are safe. We are trying to know if, among the victims, are members and volunteers of the organisation. ARCI is already in contact with the regional presidents of the ARCI headquarters in the regions of Lazio, Marche and Umbria, and with local authorities to ensure coordination in terms of reception, support for people without housing, collection of basic items.

To help, you can give a donation to the SOLIDAR members that are deploying staff and volunteers to provide support in the areas hit by the earthquake:

TO: Associazione Arci
Banca Etica Scarl,
IBAN IT 36 A 0501803200 000000000041,
message to beneficiary: Terremoto Centro Italia

TO: Auser
Banca Etica Scarl
IBAN IT 89 L 05018 03200 000000105900
message to beneficiary: raccolta fondi terremoto 2016 Centro Italia

For more information and upadtes, you can contact the SOLIDAR office at: +32 (0)2 500 10 20

© Photograph: Alessandra Tarantino/AP