SOLIDAR supports the European Citizens' Initiative “Voters without Borders”

SOLIDAR and SOLIDAR Foundation support Voters Without Borders, a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) which was launched on the 1st of September 2020. The aim of Voters Without Borders is to expand voting rights to EU citizens that live abroad (but still within the EU) to national elections. 
The initiative has 1 year to collect one million support signatures from EU citizens to be considered in the EU policy making process, with August 2021 as a deadline. You can sign the ECI too! 

SOLIDAR is keen to endorse Voters Without Borders given:

  • The shared ethos of ensuring that citizens' voices are heard at EU and national level
  • Our ongoing work on citizenship and societal participation
  • The importance of strengthening the EU’s democratic legitimacy via the citizens’ increased involvement in EU policymaking

In addition, as an organisation based in Brussels, SOLIDAR relies on a staff of mostly European expats living in Belgium, who cannot exercise their voting rights in their residence location - so this ECI is indeed at the core of our Secretariat.

Sign here to support the ECI!