SOLIDAR Training Academy and Social Affairs Forum Meeting

SOLIDAR Training Academy and Social Affairs Forum Meeting

Zagreb, Croatia, will be the location for our upcoming Training Academy and Social Affairs Forum Meeting, on 3 and 4 October, thanks to our Croatian member CMS - Centre for Peace Studies. If you haven’t done so yet, please don’t forget to register here!

The Academy will take place eight months ahead of the European Parliament elections, in a context of rising destructive nationalist narrative, and a more and more difficult space for NGOs to operate in.

The Training Academy programme will take into account this framework. Indeed, the programme aims at strengthening SOLIDAR members’ internal discussion and external contributions for the introduction of a Progressive Social Agenda in Europe, and at increasing their knowledge about key European advocacy-related topics.

Overall, the Training Academy will be focused on how to advocate more effectively thanks to the presence of our network at the local, national and European level, especially for increasingly crucial decision-making processes, such as the European Semester.

Moreover, the Training Academy will offer a unique opportunity to get to know the civic space in Croatia from a closer perspective and to discuss with its protagonists the challenges and priorities that SOLIDAR members face together across Europe, especially regarding civic space in the face of rising nationalist rhetoric.

Just after the Training Academy, SOLIDAR Social Affairs Forum members will convene on 5 of October. Members can register here.

Finally, the Training Academy and the Social Affairs Forum Meeting will also represent an opportunity for SOLIDAR Members to start discussing the upcoming European Parliament Elections and how to make progressive civil society organisations’ voice heard. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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