The 15th SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards

In 2015 the lifetime achievement award was given to the German journalist and author Günter Wallraff. He received the award as a result of his consistent commitment to exposing human rights violations through undercover journalism and the publication of many books exposing human rights abuses. Mr Wallraff’s constant aim has been to expose social injustice, any kind of social discrimination and everyday discrimination. For over 50 years Mr Wallraff has been actively seeking out cases of maltreatment such as exploitation, racism and suppression within our society.

2017 marks the year in which we’ll organise the Silver Rose Awards for the 15th time.  SOLIDAR has been organising the Silver Rose Awards since 2000, recognising those individuals and organisations who have made a tremendous contribution to advancing social justice in Europe and worldwide. The Silver Rose Awards have always been organised in cooperation with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D Group) and the Party of European Socialists (PES) and give the - often still unknown - winners of the awards an opportunity to present their work, and perhaps most importantly the cause to which they are committed, to a wider audience. We are looking back at 15 ceremonies that brought together these admirable winners, like-minded friends, who all share our values and beliefs, and partners, who are all active in contributing to social justice.

The Silver Rose Awards are not only an occasion to be inspired by those who are brave enough to do something for those faced with injustice, they also create an opportunity through which cooperation and alliances can be built.

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