The 2016 SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards in the category ‘Together for Social Europe’ goes to… FairWork

Right under our very noses, thousands of people are working as modern slaves, although, you might not easily recognise them. Modern slavery is of course, forbidden in the Netherlands. Anyone who is guilty of this violates the basic rights of man. FairWork dedicates itself to a slavery free Netherlands. (as stated on

The winner of the 2016 SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards in the category ‘Together for Social Europe’ is FairWork. The foundation FairWork, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was initially set up by the organisations Humanitas (SOLIDAR Member) and Oxfam Novib as a result of their ‘Bonded Labour in the Netherlands (BLinN) project in 1999. From 2011 onwards the project continued independently under the name FairWork. Their main objective is to fight and prevent modern slavery in the Netherlands and to be of assistance to its victims. Together with the Dutch police and justice departments and other social organisations they provide guidance to the victims transitioning from social exclusion to becoming an active citizen of Dutch society. They also offer trainings to professionals who are working with victims of modern slavery and aim to raise awareness among employers, the public and policy makers on this particular worrying situation and what could potentially be done to stop it.

FairWork’s Director Sandra Claassen will be joining us on Tuesday 14th June in the European Parliament in Brussels to accept their SOLIDAR Silver Rose Award. Mrs. Claassen has been working for FairWork for the past 15 years after having worked on human trafficking and environmental issues in Colombia and Bolivia. Claassen states that “Trafficking in human beings is a serious violation of human rights and that is the most important reason I want to fight and combat this crime.”

The 2016 Silver Rose Jury decided to honour FairWork’s mission given their commitment to tackle precarious labour conditions and human trafficking that are of concern to many European member states. Their cause is very much in line with the SOLIDAR campaign on Decent Work, Decent Life and the several activities carried out within the SOLIDAR Network to assure Decent Work for All in the light of our work to secure Social Protection for All globally.

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