The floor is yours! Consultations on Social Europe and Digital Transfomations

SOLIDAR invites you to participate in the biggest consultation of CSOs for the CoFoE!

SOLIDAR is consulting civil society organisations at the national, regional and local level and grassroots organisations; on the priorities that the Civil Society Convention for the Future of Europe should advocate for, with regards to the social dimension of the EU and the digital transformations. The consultation aims at bringing into the public debate a strong and shared agenda for addressing social, environmental and democratic challenges we are facing today. It is organised by thematic clusters, which reflect the topics on the agenda of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and it will result in reports that will be presented together with a joint preamble to decision makers, media and civil society: Each thematic cluster uses a different consultation mechanism to engage CSOs in the process. Through the following surveys you will take part in the consultation processes on Social Europe and Digital Transformations: 

Social Europe Survey

Write in your recommendations and positions with regards to the achievement of: a Sustainable Economic Model; Equal Opportunities (including migration); Fair Working Conditions; Social Protection. 

Digital Transformations Platform 

Through this survey you can share your positions on: Digital Democracy; Digital Education; Digital Safeguards; Defending Rights and Freedoms Online; Digital Economy. 

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