The sleep of reason produces monsters

You might have thought that we had already seen the worst levels of indecency in multilateral relations, and yet the news has taken us by surprise once again, making us wonder if there are any depths to which people will not sink.

The President of the United States seems to make decisions about Syria as if he was unaware of the impact they will have. The Kurdish combatants made a vital contribution to the fight against Daesh. The US are letting them down by paving the way for Erdogan to intervene by attacking the very same people who made the biggest sacrifices against Daesh - which might even make a resurgence  in the area. He used to cry “Make America Great Again”, but if anything, he is only making the world all the more miserable by enabling the further radicalisation of the conflicts in the area.

Madness has seized power on the other side of the Atlantic too. The British government is heading for a hard Brexit because of the vanity of its elitist and irresponsible Prime Minister. Mad man? Not really. Johnson does not care about what he is leaving behind: a country that will lose on many fronts and cannot win anything, since stepping outside the EU will not strengthen the UK politically, economically or socially. Leading the people living in the UK to disaster, he cares only about the polls.  This man is no Statesman.

Yet hope persists. The European Parliament has demonstrated responsible decision-making by rejecting prospective Commissioners because of their unreliability or the bad governance overshadowing their political record. The rejection of certain Commissioners-designate was inevitable and showed good practice for European democracy. We need real credibility and reliability for our Commissioners to steer the EU away from populist rhetoric and rising nationalism.

Crazy times need better leadership to take a strong stand against easy and dangerous solutions.  Common sense and political wisdom make the case for a broad alliance against the sleep of reason.