Thematic Conference on Peace Education as a Lifelong Learning Means to European Democracy

On the 8th of November Solidar Foundation presented its Policy Paper on Peace Education in the context of global citizenship education at the annual Thematic Conference. The policy paper is the culmination of an intense year of activities for SOLIDAR Foundation which is intended to give an idea of how peace education works in practice exemplified through the work of our members Centre for Peace Studies, Movimiento por la paz, Community Development Institute, Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz, Olof Palme International Centre and La Liga Española de la Educación.

The policy paper also serves as a basis for policy development through concrete recommendations aimed at improving and expanding the implementation of peace education across Europe and beyond. As a result, following the presentation of the main findings of the policy paper led by our researchers Dea Maric and Rodoljub Jovanovic from the university of Zagreb, the discussion took the form of a panel of experts and fellow CSOs to discuss the result of our policy paper. Domènec Ruiz Devesa MEP and Joao Albuquerque MEP of the S&D Group discussed the policy paper's findings with Iva Zenzerovi, Centre for Peace Studies, Ines Molinero, Liga Espaola de la Educación y la Cultura Popular, and Andrei Frank, Lifelong Learning Platform, all of whom contributed knowledge and expertise to our Thematic Conference.