Towards a European Education Area by 2025

Towards a European Education Area by 2025

The Commission is working to build a European Education Area by 2025, reinforce the cultural dimension of the European Union and bolster youth participation, with a new set of measures, including a new Youth Strategy and a new Agenda for Culture. The new package puts an emphasis on aspects such as a Youth Strategy, Teaching of Languages, Automatic Mutual Recognition of Diplomas and Culture.

SOLIDAR Foundation welcomes the attention that is paid to strengthening the role of education at the EU and national level, but the proposed measures do not in our view amount to a  “Europe that leaves no one behind”. In the proposed package there is little to no attention paid to adult learning, while other measures seem to target gifted pupils rather than promote diversity and inclusion.

Next, the Commission aims to make full use of the existing European cooperation framework in education and training, focusing on exchanging empirical evidence, benchmarking, and mutual learning. As this framework will expire in 2020, the Commission is currently consulting policymakers and stakeholders with a view to making proposals for a new framework for EU cooperation in education and training. This framework will be the vehicle for setting education and training priorities and will help to better target EU funding towards EU and Member State priorities. SOLIDAR Foundation participated in the consultation, underlining among other things the need for stronger cooperation between public authorities and providers of NIFL.  

For more information about the new proposed measures consult the official website.

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