Urgent activist appeal from Italy to EU Institutions: worrying situation in Syria, stop the Turkish military actions

SOLIDAR Italian members ARCI, CGIL and partners have sent an urgent appeal for the situation in Syria calling EU Instituions to stop the Turkish  military actions in Syria.


To the President of the European Commission

To the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

To the President of the European Parliament

To the President of the Italian Premier

To the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs

To the President of the Senate of the Italian Republic

To the President of the Italian Chamber of Deputies


We live with anxiety these hours in which the situation on the border between Turkey and Syria is threatening, a region already hit by a bloody war of many years that has produced countless victims, especially among civilians.

Following the hasty statements by US President Donald Trump - announcing the withdrawal of American troops from those territories, though denied today - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan started bombing and advancing the army in the areas historically inhabited by Kurdish populations, with which the Turkish state has for several decades a more than conflicting relationship. The army formed mostly by women and men of Kurdish ethnicity has been an ally of Western forces in recent years and a protagonist in the rejection of the advance of ISIS, for which they paid a huge price of blood.

The coexistence of the Turkish and Kurdish population in these regions has historically been possible and will be possible only if the Turkish State agrees to sit down at a negotiating table with Kurdish representatives, with equal dignity, to find an agreement on the recognition and independence of their territories. The international community, Europe, Italy, still have a fresh debt of gratitude towards the Kurdish women and men who have fought to the death to stop the common enemy Daesh and safeguard Europe's security and serenity. of our country, of us all.

We ask that a strong and decisive diplomatic action must be started suddenly because:

  • hostilities immediately cease and the invasion of the Syrian territory historically inhabited by Kurdish population stop;
  • give a mandate without hesitation to an international delegation that guarantees the end of hostilities, respect of the borders, international law;
  • provide assistance for any injuries;
  • a dedicated discussion session opens, both in the European Parliament and in the Italian one;
  • ask that the case be urgently put on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council.


ARCI, ANPI, CGIL, Legambiente, Libera