Validation festival

Validation festival

On 14th  and 15th June the European Commission organized a Validation Festival that brought together a stakeholders to exchange the views on validation of non-formal and informal learning. During the festival, our partner organisation EUCEN, presented a common project VINCE that develops university staff training in Validation of prior learning (VPL), adapting existing proven VPL methods to meet the specific needs of newcomers so that they can access HE and more easily integrate into European society. After the presentation of more than 50 projects and initiatives from Europe (but also Middle east and Canada) the festival continued with high level conferences and workshops.

Do you remember the great work that  SOLIDAR Foundation members did together on the topic? As one of the examples please find attached the publication onRecognition of non-formal and informal competencies of workers’ representatives”.

Informal learning is learning by experience in an organisational context in or through work activities. According to pertinent empirical data, 60 to 80 percent of a skilled worker‘s  procedural knowledge is derived from informal learning pathways. Other than with formal learning, in informal learning we see a learning outcome without deliberately aiming for it from the beginning. This does not mean that the process of informal learning lacks intentionality. It is, however, aimed at the goals and purposes of the work process and outcome and not at learning options.

The 2012 Council Recommendation on validation encourages Member States to put in place national arrangements for validation by 2018 but as you know from your daily work, in many countries we are not there yet.

SOLIDAR Foundation will continue to work on validation  with our member organisations and partners in order to achieve tangible outcomes in each member states and across the sectors.  

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