Validation of non-formal and informal Learning – Key integrating tool for Europe?

Registrations for the European Round Table – powered by SOLIDAR Foundation and eucen, that is taking place on 25 September in the European Parliament, are still open. Guests will discuss the current situation regarding validation of non-formal and informal learning (VNIL) while debating on steps forward to facilitate such procedures for newcomers.

Confronted with language and cultural barriers, and with many administrative hurdles, newcomers risk being in a state of limbo that prevents their flourishing and integration in the new societies that they join. This incapacity to exert their rights and to actively participate in society is exacerbated by the inability to make use of their education and skills as a result of their competences not being recognized by the host countries. The predefined bureaucratic procedures, the lack of documentation, or the fact that the curriculum they previously followed is not attuned to the certification structures of the host country are barriers which the ERASMUS+ project VINCE is fighting against, ensuring that VNIL is improved and that all can participate fully within society, exerting their rights. Given the current situation of European VNIL, more needs to be done, and we invite you to join these highly relevant discussions and participate to the launch of the policy recommendations elaborated through VINCE.

Preliminary Programme 

  • 11:30     Welcome
    Balazs NEMETH, President of eucen
  • 11:40     Refugees in Europe – successful cases and needs
    VINCE Project. Ruud DUVEKOT, Director EC-VPL (NL)
    Sirius Network. TBC
  • 12:00     VINCE – Validation for the inclusion of new citizens of Europe. Tools
    Carme ROYO, Executive Director of eucen
  • 12:15     Open discussion – Is VNIL the key integrating tool for new citizens of Europe?
    Moderator: Pat DAVIES, expert
  • 13:00     Closing
    Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Foundation


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